Where to Find Affordable Health Insurance for Students

College is an exciting experience for many young adults. With the fun, come new responsibilities. A college student soon realizes the weight of paying for tuition, books, and housing. The cost of these items can overshadow other necessities for a newly independent student. The most overlooked being health insurance. Students should consider purchasing a health insurance policy so as not to become financially overburdened with health expenses should the need arise.

Emergency room visits are very expensive. Imagine having to take care of a broken arm, cut or other common injury. Being financially responsible means carrying affordable health insurance even as a student.

A student can seek out private insurance, but should be aware of the benefits of the insurance policy. Is the insurance a PPO, HMO, or Point-of-service plan? Does the affordable health insurance cover incidentals like emergency room visits, hospital stays, doctor visits, or prescription coverage?

Many students may be eligible for coverage under their parent's health insurance. President Obama's healthcare plan seeks to increase the health coverage requirements from the age limit of 18 years of age to 23 years of age, thus allowing college students to be covered. Many state funded universities offer a health coverage plan, with many of the doctor visits done on at a campus facility. The advantage would be to find the best plan for coverage and make a ruling based upon cost and extent of coverage.

The student's university should be the first option for many students. A university's healthcare coverage would likely be cheaper and sometimes included in tuition fees, so it can be paid for using student loans and grants. The coverage provides similar coverage to an HMO or PPO, allowing students to visit a preferred provider in the area and carrying out doctor visits and prescription needs through campus facilities. Most university healthcare programs allow students to waive the coverage so they can seek out their own healthcare.

Finding a private provider can be as easy as doing an internet search. Many companies like Liberty Mutual, State Farm, and American Family insurance offer competitive packages for students. Many insurance providers require students to at least carry nine credit hours, with other requirements having to be met for graduate students.

Since books, tuition, and housing can be so expensive for full time students, finding affordable health insurance for students can be done through minor changes to a policy. For instance, students can reduce their out of pocket expenses by increasing their deductible. Students should also find they can receive lower insurance costs due to their age and health. An 18 year old student would likely pay much less than a 30 year old.

Whichever route you take, health insurance should be a priority. We never know when an accident might happen. Having the right health insurance can mean not losing out on the great experience college offers simply because we didn't have the money left for tuition after paying for an unexpected hospital visit.

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