About Student Health Insurance Coverage

Students need to get access to health care and know where to obtain it. Both a family health plan and an individual student health insurance plan are able to provide coverage for students. Since many carriers offer lower rates for full-time students, it is a good idea to check rates from several companies in order to obtain the most affordable coverage possible. Even if you are a part-time student, you may be eligible for multiple health insurance discounts.

Quotes from Top Student Health Insurance Carriers

Our service gets you connected to the top student health insurance carriers in the country and let's you choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. In addition to online health insurance quotes, you may receive quotes direct from agents from top companies.

Student Health Insurance Articles and Resources

In order to find the most affordable student health insurance available, you need to not only compare quotes from multiple carriers, but you also need to understand your options. If you are in college, you may find that your educational institution offers some sort of discounted health insurance for students. Alternatively, you may find that it may be more affordable to remain on your parents' health insurance plan when you go to college. Of course, there can be a number of complications with this, especially if you are attending a school in a different state.

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